Service Units

Central Control and Command Room (C3R)

The purpose of this C3R (often called a war room) is provide centralized command for some purpose to the Hafizabad police.C3R is fully operational. Conceptually, a C3R is a source of leadership and guidance to ensure that service and order is maintained, rather than an information center or help desk. Its tasks are achieved by monitoring the environment and reacting to events, from the relatively harmless to a major crisis.


Elite Force

Hafizabad Police is equipped with the Elite Force that is trained to combat all sorts of crime situations. Elite police is the highly trained special force that assists district police in situations that need expertise with high-risk searches, raids and rescue operations. The officers in the Elite police are trained to a high degree of skill in use of firearms, personal combat, and reconnaissance missions. They are trained at a modern facility, the Elite Training School on Baidian Road Lahore. The Deputy Inspector-General of Police, Elite Police heads the force.


Police Service Station

Police Service Centers have been established at City Hafizabad and Pindi Bhattian to ensure the participation of citizens. These PSC have been catered with the facilities i.e.

  • Driving License Service  
  • Traffic Police related issues
  • Character Verifications
  • Police Security Clearance Certificates
  • Grant of permission for religious
  • Nadra Verifications (ID Card)
  • Vehicle Verifications (Registration, Engine & Chassis Numbers)
  • Complaints regarding Misplaced Documents and Lost Children
  • Complaint regarding Domestic Torture  & Child exploitation  etc  
  • Complaints against  any theft (Vehicle, Cattle, House articles etc)
  • Illegal occupation & property relating complaints  
  • Complaints against Fraud  Mafias and extortion    
  • Complaints against Usury
  • General information  
  • Useful  legal suggestions
  • FIRs Copy
  • Complaints against Police Corruption

Cluster Patrolling

Organized patrolling plan was chalked out to control crimes in urban areas. Moreover, effective patrolling of armed police personnel divided in eight clusters has been ensured in urban and rural areas of the district Hafizabad. Worth mentioning armed motorcycle squads have also been deployed during school timings to avert any untoward incident and to keep a legal eye on the suspected people. These clusters also perform their duties from 3pm to during shopping hours.